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Pressure Washing at Auto Dealership Detail Bay Comments Off on Pressure Washing at Auto Dealership Detail Bay

San Diego Commercial Power Washing


BayWash Pressure Washing San Diego handles commercial pressure washing services throughout San Diego County including loading docks, fleet washing and as shown here Toyota Detail Bay of El Cajon. BayWash has been in business in San Diego and has provided pressure washing to El Cajon, La Mesa and the east county for 23 years.  Trust us for your commercial power washing needs.


How to Hire the Right Pressure Washing Company Comments Off on How to Hire the Right Pressure Washing Company

baywashnew2Get a bid: Ask the company to explain the situation and what steps they will take to correct it. They should always perform a thorough visual inspection and answer any questions you may have.

Ask about experience: A professional company will be happy to tell you about other jobs like yours that they have completed. They should tell you what type of personnel will be involved in your job, and share with you their experience, qualifications and references.

Make sure they know state laws and ordinances: A reputable company will know all of the local laws and ordinances regarding wash water regulations and storm drain conveyance. In California, YOU could be fined up to $25,000 PER INCIDENT if the company you hire does not follow these ordinances.
Ask what (if any) chemicals will be used: Many companies use harsh chemicals for cleaning which, of course, are bad for the environment. And, if the company does not reclaim wash water, the chemicals could go right to the storm drain which could result in fines (see item 3).
Ask how they will do the job. Find out exactly what they will be doing. They should be asking you questions in order to evaluate the job thoroughly. Also ask about industry standards and affiliations they have.
Get a Contract: The scope of the work being completed should be identified in writing. The schedule and costs should also be thoroughly outlined.
We are here to help! If you have any questions or need another bid, please feel free to contact us. 619-749-6388. We look forward to helping!

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The Importance of Regular Pressure Washing Comments Off on The Importance of Regular Pressure Washing

Scheduled Pressure Washing Services

in San Diego

coupon2Dirt, grime, and mildew can sneak up on you. What begins as a little bit of dirt can turn into an unattractive and damaging mess very quickly.  This not only ruins the appearance of your building, it can also lead to costly damages down the road. By scheduling regular pressure washing, you make a small investment that will help your building’s bottom line in many ways.

A Better First Impression with Pressure Washing

Your property only gets one chance to make a first impression. If the walls, sidewalks, and windows are covered in dirt, how do you think that will influence potential tenants? Chances are, you’re going to lose business as people will be so unimpressed with the exterior, that nothing inside the building will change their minds. By regularly cleaning your building, you’ll create an atmosphere that is pleasing to current tenants as well as new tenants, which could result in referrals.

Pressure Washing Services Are a Money Saver

If you don’t regularly clean the exterior of your building and sidewalks, the dirt buildup can cost you many ways. Some of the problems you could run into include:

  • • Cracks developing in your walls and sidewalks from mildew and mold
  • • Lawsuits from people that slip and fall on algae buildups
  • • Tenants moving out
  • • Tenants not moving in
  • • And more…

All of these problems are much more expensive than the costs of a pressure washing contract. Regular building upkeep definitely pays off in the end.

Regular Pressure Washing is Easy Pressure Washing

The longer you let dirt buildup, the harder it is to remove. If you keep putting off pressure washing, the job is going to become much more difficult and expensive.  When you schedule regular cleanings, the job becomes quick and simple, saving you money in the long run.

Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t scheduled a cleaning in awhile. With pressure washing, it’s better late than never. The right pressure washing company will be able to make your dirty exterior look as good as new. From there, you can get back on track with a regular cleaning schedule.

And remember, when you’re looking to hire a professional pressure washing company, make sure they are covered with general liability and workman’s compensation insurance.


Hot Water Power Washing Comments Off on Hot Water Power Washing


Other commercial power washing companies in San Diego may be damaging the surfaces they are cleaning, or opening you up to huge fines or damages not covered by insurance.

Hot Water Power Washing

Don’t be fooled by low priced pressure washing companies that use cold water machines for commercial work. Commercial pressure washing services should be done with hot water to remove the accumulated dirt, gum and other stains commonly found on commercial properties. BayWash Pressure Washing guarantees that we can clean better than your current provider with our state of the art hot water power washers and compliant water reclamation systems.

Our pressure washing services are priced to meet your budget and to give your commercial establishment a clean and welcoming appearance without damages. We have the skills and the knowledge to remove the toughest stains safely and quickly, and we use environmentally friendly, professional grade products and wash water recovery systems to stay in compliance with San Diego Municipal Codes. We are also fully insured with $2M in general liability, and Worker’s Comp insurance.

Call today for a free onsite consultation, and see for yourself why so many professionals trust BayWash Pressure Washing for their commercial services. You’ll be glad you did.

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Special Offer, 25% Savings!! Comments Off on Special Offer, 25% Savings!!

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Commercial Pressure Washing Services Comments Off on Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Is your commercial building or property ready for an overhaul? There are many trades and industries that can greatly benefit from regularly scheduled professional pressure washing services.

Some of these businesses BayWash San Diego services include the following:

Automotive: The main floor area of a busy garage can quickly become a hazard if chemicals, oils, and other substances aren’t regularly cleaned from the area. Our professional pressure washing services will keep the area ready for service.

Factory Setting: Plants and factories often have areas in which the walls and floors need to be cleaned regularly due to dirt, oil, and other buildup that is generally cannot be cleaned by hand.

Parking Areas: Parking lots can quickly become unsightly due to spills and oil leaks. Regular pressure washing can remove most of the blemishes and keep you from having to resurface the area.

Building Exterior: The outside of a commercial structure is much the same as the outside of your residence. Certain areas are susceptible to mold and fungus buildup, which can be damaging to the exterior of your building.

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Recently Completed Project; Bay City Electric Comments Off on Recently Completed Project; Bay City Electric

Baywash recently completed work at Bay City Electric’s new 8000 sf headquarters facility in Poway.  The warehouse needed deep cleaning to prepare for the new business. Baywash prepped the floor and applied acid wash to areas that required deeper cleaning. The crew then used a Mosmatic heavy duty vacuum recovery surface cleaner to deep clean areas that were heavily stained. The next step was to pressure wash the entire area with 200 degree water at 3000 psi using our truck mounted pressure washing system.  Along the way we reclaimed wash water in accordance with the San Diego Storm Water Management and Discharge Control.  The crew then rinsed down all walls and bay doors and cleaned up excess debris and dust, leaving the warehouse ready for service.

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Keeping Your Dumpster Areas Clean Comments Off on Keeping Your Dumpster Areas Clean

Pressure Washing Dumpsters

It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. BayWash Pressure Washing is here to handle your dirty work. We have been cleaning San Diego dumpster sites for more than 20 years. Grease, debris, dirt and spills can build up fast in dumpster areas at restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and many other locations. BayWash’s professional crews can handle any size dumpster area. Our commercial grade equipment utilizes steam and high pressure hot water for washing and cleaning up garbage dumpsters and the concrete pads around these areas.

Beware of using cold water pressure washers. They can’t achieve the same results we get with steam and hot water, and will often damage (pit) the concrete while trying to get out tough stains. We always use steam and hot water to blast away the gunk and grime that builds up around garbage dumpsters and trash receptacles. A BayWash crew will ensure that your dumpster areas are cleaned professionally and efficiently. We offer discounts for recurring service. Give us a call today for a free on site bid at 619-749-6388 or visit our website at www.BayWashSanDiego.com

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Are oil stains ruining your property? Comments Off on Are oil stains ruining your property?

No matter how careful we are or how hard we try, eventually oil stains appear on driveways or sidewalks. Several commercial products have been designed to clean and degrease concrete floors, driveways, and sidewalks. Unfortunately, many of these products contain acid. And in California (and many other states), you must not allow the “dirty” water to flow into the storm drain. There are severe penalties for this.

Here are some basic strategies for removing or lightening oil stains:

Kitty litter to the rescue. If you have a fresh oil spill, then you can sprinkle a healthy dose of kitty litter onto it. Allow the litter to sit overnight so that it will absorb the oil as it soaks into the litter. In the morning, sweep up the litter. The oil is now absorbed into the litter and will be swept away. If you did not place enough litter onto the oil spill, you may have to repeat the process.

WD-40, Spray the oil spill liberally with the WD-40. Immediately use a rag to wipe up the mess. Repeat this process once if it hasn’t met your expectations.

Baking Soda or Dishwasher Detergent. Lightly wet the area with water first. Sprinkle the area liberally with baking soda or dishwasher detergent. Allow the area to sit undisturbed for several minutes. While you are waiting, boil a pot of water. Once the water is piping hot, pour it over the area, taking the proper precautions not to burn or scald yourself with the water. Once the water has cooled sufficiently to avoid any scalding, scrub the area with a scrubbing brush that has stiff bristles. Repeat this step as many times as you need in order to achieve the results that you want.

If you have more serious oil stains, hire a professional. Give us a call and we will come to your property and discuss solutions. We have years of experience and we offer free onsite consultations.


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Tree Sap On Concrete – Can It Be Removed? Comments Off on Tree Sap On Concrete – Can It Be Removed?

Tree Sap On Concrete – Can It Be Removed?

Concrete is very susceptible to stains because of its porous nature. Sap is a tough substance to remove, especially when it has been left to dry for any length of time. As it hardens, it turns dark and adheres even more strongly to whatever surface it has dripped on. The more porous the concrete, the deeper the sap goes. Dirt and grime also adhere to sap, causing further damage to the concrete. There are a variety of ways to remove tree sap, depending on the size of the stain. For small stains, try these solutions: Dampen a cotton ball with acetone nail polish remover. Rub the tree sap with the cotton ball for several seconds, changing cotton balls when dirty. After the area is clean, wash with warm, soapy water and rinse with a water hose or pressure washer. Do not wet the area. Apply a petroleum-based hand cleaner, such as Goop, to a clean cloth. Scrub the tree sap with the cloth. Continue applying the hand cleaner as needed and scrubbing until you have removed the sap. Wipe the excess hand cleaner off the painted concrete with paper towels and rinse with a water hose or pressure washer.

For larger stains, you may need to hire a professional pressure washer. Give us a call and we will come to your property and discuss solutions.

SPECIAL OFFER: 10% off Tree Sap Removal. Offer expires 5/31/11.


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