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The Naked Artist, by Rick Herold

The Naked Artist, Click to View

Tattoo Butterfly, by Rick Herold

Tattoo Butterfly, Click to View

The Naked Artist

Herold’s autobiographical erotic tales take the reader through his spiritual search and exploration of his gay sexuality. The illustrated stories begin with his unique stint in the Navy, followed by art studies in Paris, travels in Europe, a period of monastic monkhood, artistic success in California and finally settling down with a life partner in Hollywood. Critics referred to Herold as the ‘West Coast Andy Warhol’, where he became friends with Jim Morrison of the Doors, and created the first of the now famous White Parties.

Tattoo Butterfly

This is the bizarre story of a wealthy married man, Mick O’Brien, and his descent from a bored Beverly Hills existence to his tragic fall – a modern day Rake’s Progress. Mick meets a very mysterious young woman with whom he falls instantly and hopelessly in love. At a carnival, she gets a small butterfly tattoo and also talks him into getting one with her name on it. She abruptly jilts him. In despair, he meets an artist who does custom tattoos. Mick masochistically gets a full body tattoo of butterflies to relive the pain of his loss. The tattooist becomes Mick’s guide through his journey to self-discovery as he slides further and further into an underworld of erotic mysteries. Just as the hero finds salvation, a frightfully ironic twist of fate takes place. Tattoo Butterfly is a provocative document of the 1970’s sexual revolution, exploring all sexual combinations, both straight and gay.