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Wallace K. Swan

Wally Swan


(1) Campaign Manager for Lydia Lee for School Board campaign (through Nov., 2004) who attained first place in Primary and second place in General Election and was first Asian-American on Minneapolis School Board.

(2) Business Consultant and Office Manager, Rent Electrical Services, Inc., October, 2004.

(3) Campaign Manager, “Rod Krueger for Library Board” campaign (through Nov. 8, 2005) who attained fourth place in Primary election and second place in General Election.

(4) Campaign management activities:

(a)  Floor Manager for Antonio Rosell, Latino/Hispanic candidate for Minnesota House of Representatives district 58B, June 20, 2006.

(b)  Campaign manager for Juan Lopez, DFL endorsed candidate for Hennepin County Sheriff, September 9/October 9, 2006—Consolidated operations of campaign by designing and ordering 250,000 pieces of literature, assisted in decision making process designed to order 1000 signs, directed fixing the website (including e-mail and pay-pal function), and managed the campaign committee.

(5) Consultant to gubernatorial campaign for Mark Dayton in 2010.

(6) Managed a political campaign for Paula Overby, candidate for 2nd U.S. Congressional District.