The Wine Bearer Testimonials

The Wine Bearer, the Premium in Bottle Protection

Normally, I never consider transporting wine or other liquids in glass bottles in my luggage due to the fact that my brother was a baggage handler for an airline and he’s told me about the way that bags get treated when you check them in. However, with the Wine Bearer I feel confident enough to change my mind on this matter. I feel it’s durable enough to take anything those vicious miscreants can dish out without ruining my clothing or other belongings.

Thank you Wine Bearer for making my air travel significantly more enjoyable and stress-free!”


The Wine Bearer helped to eliminate the stress of packing two of my favorite wines and not have to worry about them arriving safely on our 25 + hour flight to Cape Town.

The Wine Bearer is well designed and the vibrant color made it a shame that I had to conceal it in my suitcase.

Albert & Curtis