Welcome To Superior Life Coaching

The fact that you are searching for a life coach reveals you are tuned into what is possible and are in search for a greater purpose and outcome for your life. Whether your search is for your career, business or your personal life, the fact remains that you took an intentional step to search for a life coach. Congratulations!

It can be easy to drift through some life events. And for some events, drifting may not have turned out too bad. However, at times each of us has a need for a different perspective. Because of this many people make an intentional choice to stop the drifting and start charting a course, so that they can achieve a greater purpose and outcome in their career, business or personal life.

Many of my clients are successful in many areas of their lives, however, they seek clarity and want truthful forward movement so that they can achieve a greater purpose and outcome in life. I serve a variety of people. I often work with executives, managers, entrepreneurs and business owners. My ideal clients value personal integrity and seek action-oriented steps toward achievement.

Superior Life Coaching is not therapy. Nor will you be told what you should or should not do. As a life coach, I enable clients to determine their own answers. Together we will develop a confidential partnerships where I stand with you in your journey to find your greater purpose.

“My time under the tute­lage of Char­lotte was very impact­ful to me. Her wis­dom in busi­ness, human rela­tions, and strate­gic think­ing was pro­found to me when I first entered into a lead­er­ship role. She taught me how to approach the ups and downs of busi­ness lead­er­ship. In addi­tion, Char­lotte painted a clear pic­ture for me of how to bal­ance work aspi­ra­tions with down-home fam­ily val­ues and devoted time to my loved ones.”

~Jason Butz (Lands End Inc/Nokternal Hem­izp­hear Web­shop, Record Label & Graphic Design)

Charlotte Vance, PHR, SHRM-SCP, MS

Charlotte Vance

As one of your life coach options, you may be interested in the experiences contributing to who I am and how I became a life coach.

I have an understanding and appreciation of both individuals and business results from more than 20 years experience in Fortune 100 to small business environments. My experience, education and strengths are in human resource management, leadership development, business planning and the design and facilitation of management and associate training and development programs.

My journey as a Life Coach began as a human resource executive. With many years of assisting businesses with human capital and with helping adults with career decisions, I became fascinated as to why so many are not following their hearts or utilizing their strengths. What I found was many do not follow their hearts because of fear. That fear stems from their lifestyle as it relates to their relationships and their incomes. I find it disheartening to see people drifting through life partially paralyzed by that fear and unable to move forward. Because of this, I have researched ways to help people find their strengths and to use those strengths to find their greater purpose.

As your life coach, my agenda will be to focus on what you want and desire for your life. We will explore your needs, values and beliefs and align them with your strengths to find your greater purpose.

In addition to my vast HR experience and my passion for helping professionals grow, I selected The Institute for Life Coach Training to receive my professional business coach training.

You may contact me for your free 45 minute consultation. If we determine to move forward, we can set up a schedule so that you can begin to stop the drifting and chart your course.

What Is Life Coaching?

You are not alone in feeling lost or confused in your search to find a greater purpose and outcome for your life. Working with a Life Coach is a discovery process of who you are, what you value, and to explore what is fulfilling to you.

As a Life Coach, my focus is on my client’s agenda and achievements. My confidential coach-to-client relationships are honest and open and are secure in integrity. There is a collaboration between the two of us that focuses on you and your agenda.

Life Coaching is an awakening process where you will deepen your learning and move forward. A few of the tools that we use are:

  • powerful questions
  • active listening
  • reflected clarity and field work
  • SMART goals

Congratulations for taking your first intentional step to stop the drifting and to start charting a course to find a greater purpose and outcome in your career, business or personal life.

Who hires a Life Coach?

There are many reasons why people have a Life Coach. Often times people who have a Life Coach are tired of drifting and desire to take intentional action in their search for a greater purpose and outcome for their life, to achieve their next goal, or to develop personal or professional skill sets.<br
Some additional reasons why others have hired a coach are:

  • So that they gain perspective of their career transition and work the necessary changes.
  • So that they have support toward establishing and reaching a specific goal.
  • So that they can become more focused on their Health and Wellness.
  • So that they can adjust and deepen relationships in their life.
  • So that they can rediscover confidence and passion in their career, business and personal life.


leadership and executive coaching (how to tie in??)

At Superior Life Coaching our confidential coach-to-client relationships are empowering.

Life Coaching is a discovery process to find who you are, what you value, and to explore what is fulfilling to you.

As a Life Coach, my focus is on my client’s desire to work on themselves to improve their skill sets for their career, business or personal life. A few areas that I can help you with are:

  • To find your joy and inner peace in your everyday life.
  • To discover and leverage the leadership skills and talents of you and your team members.
  • To problem solve and look at all aspects objectively.
  • To coach business owners to improve habits and behaviors to grow their business.
  • To resolve situational roadblocks that have emerged.
  • To visualize your optimal path and unlock your creative potential to bring your vision to life.

Small Business Leadership

  • Brainstorm your ideas and determine the need for your product or service.
  • Identify and analyze your supervisors and managers occupational knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Review and focus on your knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Assess and research the basics of business ownership and utilize resources for developing your business plan.

Life and Career Transition

  • Identify and analyze your occupational and non-occupational knowledge, skills and abilities to determine qualifications.
  • Review your gifts, talents, passions and priorities, and align them with your personal and professional growth.
  • Understand your personality and what kind of work and occupation are a natural fit for you to grow and love.
  • Achieve a better work/life balance.
  • Identify and analyze your leadership competencies so that you can utilize your strengths to lead others.
  • Sharpen your leadership abilities in order to lead in a courageous and effective manner.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses with a confidential mentor.


“Charlotte is amazing! She is a wonderful confidant…and in a very fun, supportive and authentic way! She was able to help me discover my own style of working and my own creativity, strengths, interests, passion and helped give me the confidence to share it with the world.”

~Erin Waters, Graphic Designer – Junonia, Ltd.

“I have always had respect for the power of the mind and the willpower of man. I have seen in life how these can be used for good and not so good. I have had opportunities throughout my life that were generated from the positive influences I have chosen to surround myself with. One of the major positive influences is “Charlotte – Superior Life Coaching.” This coaching has provided me with the guidance I needed to ensure commitment to my abilities which in turn have proven rewarding to me both personally and professionally.”

~Sarah, Master Black Belt