I t was a wonderful experience. Virtually everyone I know told me to expect everything to take twice as long and cost twice as much as quoted, but that was not the case with Denise and Molly. They showed up exactly when they said they would, they told me in advance exactly what to expect. They consistently went above and beyond the call of duty to help me out – I’m a rather messy and disorganized person by nature and I needed a lot of help! The work was completed when they had originally told me it would be done; there were no cost overruns; and their workmanship is excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to remodel their home.

Katherine Shackley, 11/01/10

I recently hired Women in Construction to completely remodel two bathrooms in my home. My home was built in 1961 and the bathrooms had a style from the 1980s.

It also looked like a previous owner had attempted to remodel and abandoned the job at some point. For example, in one bathroom wooden paneling was used on one wall, while all the others had drywall. I had three contractors come out and bid the project. I decided on Women in Construction since they were prompt and conveyed the most knowledge and experience in bathroom remodeling. Although they were not the cheapest bid, they made me feel the most comfortable that the work was going to be done correctly. They were also very upfront with their estimate, making it clear that they couldn’t see the condition of the plumbing or what was behind the wooden paneling and that there might be some hidden costs. They estimated roughly 6 weeks to complete both bathrooms.

On the first day of demolition they identified that the sewer line in the bathrooms had a leak and would need to be replaced. They soon discovered that the sewer line was cracked as far as they could see and recommended that we hire a plumbing company to run a camera in the line to see how far the line was cracked. Of course our sewer line ended up being the original galvanized pipe and the whole line had cracks and leaks throughout. Women in Construction were very helpful and accommodating in working with the plumbing company to line the sewer and correct the problem. They ended up saving me roughly $10,000 since they could replace all the plumbing directly in the bathrooms, saving me from getting it lined by the much more expensive plumbing company. It was also nice to have someone around with contracting experience to keep the plumbing company honest. Due to the sewer issue we had to demo both bathrooms simultaneously to get the sewer line completely fixed and working. They provided a portable toilet and later installed a temporary toilet in one demoed bathroom at no extra cost so we wouldn’t have to use our newly purchased one before the bathroom was complete. They worked extremely hard (6 days a week), trying to get the first bathroom completed since we had no shower. They also discovered that there was no wall behind the paneling and would have to install drywall. They professionally provided an amendment to the contract for the additional costs of the drywall and plumbing. From then on, things went fairly smoothly. They were always very clear when explaining an issue, gave great advice, were prompt every morning, and cleaned-up every evening. They even bent over backwards in helping us reorder ceramic shelves and quarter round tile when we didn’t like the color of the original ones we chose. It was very apparent that their number one concern was that my wife and I were happy in the end, which we are. We now have two beautiful looking and perfectly functioning bathrooms (plus a new sewer). I would recommend Women in Construction to anyone looking to remodel their bathrooms.

Thank you Denise, Molly, and your crew for all the hard work and being so accommodating and flexible with all the surprises in this job.

Take Care-
James Kirsch

James Kirsch, October 18, 2013

F rom start to finish Women In Construction were wonderful! I had the pleasure of being at home during the entire process; and normally I wouldn’t say a construction project was a pleasure, but this one truly was. The artistry and precision with which the Women scuplted a new bathroom for me was absolutely amazing. From the removal of an awful 70’s fiberglass shower enclosure to the final product – a beautiful porcelain tile and glass enclosure – it really was an artistic achievement and a pleasure to behold. The ladies have a work ethic that is above and beyond anything I have seen in years. The attention to detail was incredible. And all the while a smile, a joke, and none of that “stuffy” crap.

I think so highly of them that as they were doing the entry hall floor I asked them to sign their names on the concrete prior to laying the tile so I can think of them as I walk in to or leave my home. I know that may sound silly but these are really decent, kind, and honest people. And for me, maybe the biggest plus, was that they were extremely conscientious and respectful towards my animals. I would and have referred them to others for other projects and have already scheduled them to come back out to tile the master bedroom.

There really aren’t enough nice things to say about Women In Construction. But I can tell you that I am thrilled every day I use my new bathroom!

Baron Beezley, April 22, 2012

D enise And Molly gutted out both of our bathrooms upstairs and completely remodeled them.

We wanted to replace the existing flooring in our bathrooms and we got several bids from contractors that our friends recommended . While we were reviewing their bids, we came to know about angieslist (Heard about it on KPBS) and found good reviews for Women In Construction. I called them up and they came over, looked at the job and explained the process of re-tiling in great detail. Later that day, they gave me the bid for the job and it was the highest bid we got so far. We thought thru and decided to use them because of all the great reviews at angies and now, looking at the finished product and the amount of work they put in, It is totally worth it.

Denise is a seasoned tile contractor and brings her vast expertise to work. Both Denise and Molly are very punctual and really hard working people.They were very clear about the amount of work and their timelines. We were expecting a baby soon and were on a really tight schedule, Initially, we were only planning to replace the flooring but after they gutted out the floor tiles, we found that some of the sub flooring needed repairs. We ended up redoing the whole bathrooms..Denise and Molly did everything possible to meet the deadlines that they agreed to and did the sub floor repairs for a throw away price. I think this is when hiring a tile contractor instead of a just a person who lay’s tiles is important. We were glad we hired Women In Construction. They cleaned up after themselves after each day’s work and helped us make long term practical decisions during the entire renovation process. They used quality construction materials and they also passed on great discounts for our tiles from San Diego Tile & Marble. They not only educated us regarding the tiling work but also helped us pick up great tips for after care.

Denise and Molly also hooked us up with a great Shower Door guy (Greg) who did very neat job at a reasonable price.

Overall, We are more than happy with the work that both Denise and Molly did at our place and won’t hesitate to recommend them for any kind of tiling work. Me and my wife feel that we got more than what we paid for.

Thank you Denise and Molly for all the hard work you put in and for a very thoughtful Baby shower gift for my wife and of course for your oatmeal cookies 🙂

Srinivas Gowrishetti, September 20, 2011
D enise and Molly were fantastic. They showed up on time, every time, for the estimate and for the work days. Denise explained in great detail all of the work that would need to be done, including all of the prep work needed because of the damaged drywall caused by the careless removal of the old back splash. We already had new kitchen counter tops with back splash installed, so were were limited with what tile depth we could choose in order to match up flush with the counter splash. Everything was itemized and explained and we were left with no questions and full confidence of the job they would do.

On the work days they were on time, clean, professional and personable. Day one was drywall prep and tile installation. Day two was grouting. Everything went perfectly!

The price may have been more than other bids, but we went with them based on their positive reviews on Angie’s List, their personalities, and our gut. And we were right. We would recommend them highly and will definitely use them again if we can.

Liz Cincelli, February 07, 2012

O ur experience with Denise and Molly was fantastic, they showed the highest level of professionalism, cleanliness and attention to detail. We got estimates from 4 contractors, prices ranged from ~$6000 to ~$12,000 depending on what exactly was to be done, Women in Construction fell about in the middle including labor and all materials. Our impression of Denise and Molly was that they cared about their work and treated a remodel as if they were doing it in their own house, this proved to be the case as Denise is very meticulous about her work and does it right, no matter if it is harder or not, that includes building a shower based on floating walls, a lot of work, but the right way to do it. We chose some options that bumped the total cost up a bit, however we were rewarded with a fantastic bathroom, and we certainly got what we paid for.

Denise and Molly were a breeze to deal with, they were punctual everyday, friendly, extremely clean and considerate of the cleanliness of the rest of the house. They have a crew of experienced sub-contractors who they have been working with for a long time and trust, you can’t put a price on that. They also ensure that all of their sub-contractors, as well as anyone else doing work on the bathroom (for instance our countertop people, who Denise and Molly took one of their very few off days to come to our house and monitor) do their jobs to the high standards that Women In Construction have set for themselves. Denise and Molly are also very much on top of communication, they talk with you through the process and solicit your input, their responsiveness is top notch. Additionally they worked with us to ensure they completed some work while our 8 month old baby was out of the house for the day, i.e. work that left fumes linger in the house for a couple of hours, I think the chances of finding another contractor that is that considerate are slim to none.

All in all, if you hire Denise and Molly you will have a great experience and a great remodel to go with it. I have no reservations in recommending them and would definitely use them again in the future.

Jeremy J. Clemens, February 02, 2012
W e planned to interview three bath remodelers from Angies list. Women in Construction (Denise and Molly) were the first to come and give us an estimate. We already had a pretty good idea of what this project would cost, so it really came down to who we thought would do a quality job and who would be comfortable working with. Denise was so professional and honest in her assessment. She is very experienced in this type of work, and candidly told us of potential problems that might be uncovered. We didn’t interview anyone else and immediately knew that they were right for our project.

Denise and Molly are such perfectionists, we never had to point out anything that they hadn’t already seen and fixed. Our plaster walls have a curve around the doors and windows. Denise replastered the curve around the door, didn’t like the way it looked, and did it a second time. I wanted to put my dogs pawprint in the new cement work..she booted me out and made me promise not to do that.

They went with us to the tile store to help us pick out tile. It was so much easier with them there to help us. We would have been lost. I could go on and on with how they far exceeded our expectations in every way. They were clean, and respectful of our home and space. And they were very nice to our little dog, Ivy.

Our vanity was build by Tomas, recomended by Denise. He did a beautiful job. The plumber and electrician she used were both high quality. and very nice. Either Denise or Molly were present during all sub-contactor work. Denise recommened a slab yard with remnants. The cost of the countertop in Cesarstone was half of what it would have cost if we had ordered through a store. She was very concerned with  keeping our costs down and making recommendations.

We both were very comfortable having Denise and/or Molly in our home while we were at work. We just left the door open. Sometimes our dog was home, and that was OK with them. They got along famously.

The bath is Beautiful. I love it everyday. I have some houseguests coming for several months in the spring and they will be very comfortable and that makes me happy.

The best recommendation I can make is that we plan to have them remodel our other bathroom  as soon as we are able to do it.

Andrea Graves, January 15, 2012
C eramic Tile-
The estimate was delivered very promptly. The work was scheduled quickly, and work began shortly after we agreed on the estimate. The work took two days, as the firm had projected. We were consulted whenever choices had to be made during the course of the retiling, and the outcome was excellent. The bathroom floor now looks like it belongs to another, much finer bathroom. I would happily call on Women in Construction for future work of this kind or for larger remodeling jobs.

Miles Kahler, December 31, 2011
O utstanding job all around!  The tile: They tiled a mural with a custom border in the shower. The placement of the field tiles was important in the setting off the mural. The field tile was subway tile rather than square so planning and placement required more than average skills. The placement of the tiles for the walls and it’s relationship to the mural was perfect! They even suggested a change to the border of the mural which improved the final result. (As a side note -The tiles were all custom tiles and had unusual permeability. Despite the challenges, their work was excellent! )
Repair to sub-flooring: prior water damage to sub-flooring required replacement of part of the sub-floor. Expertly done.
Drywall & Painting: They drywalled and painted the walls. We requested an almost flat surface on the walls rather than textured. That surface requires more time and skill to do and it was perfectly done! (The light in this bathroom is very good and so if they had made any mistakes, they would have been obvious.)
The painting was perfect too.
By the way, they recommended a cabinet-maker and an electrician. We used both & both were excellent. They sub-contracted work to a plumber who did excellent work also.
Excellent communication skills. We always got progress reports of the work. They made excellent suggestions throughout the job. The job took one month which, given the extent of the work, was great timing.
I am looking forward to their work on our kitchen!

Kathleen Cudahy, November 21, 2011
E xcellent. I had spoken to several tile contractors who subsequently didn’t show up or weren’t on time to do their estimates. Denise was a few minutes early for every interaction we had. She gave a detailed estimate and turned it around same day. I had a number of sample tiles and she worked with me to select the best one for my bathroom and gave me a number of sample ideas (she had photos of many different jobs she had done) to consider for design. The work was completed within the time frame and cost she estimated and looks amazing. She was also extremely conscious of my home (meaning cleaning up after their work and ensuring there was no damage). She also went above and beyond the call and fixed my tub faucet which was loose. She actually went to the hardware store and got the part on her own to fix it for me (no charge). She passes along her contractor discount on tile which saved me a bundle. I can’t say enough good things about Women In Construction.

Teresa Leighty, November 30, 2006
W omen In Construction were truly a miracle team in helping to manage not only one project, but many in our move to a house that was not livable when we purchased the property. They did all the demo work themselves, and worked from very early every day from 7 am until very late and even weekends to keep on schedule. I have not seen such attention to detail and follow through in any group before Women in Construction. Their willingness to be available and listen, and teach me what needed to be done was incredible. From choosing fixtures, to finding painters, etc, etc. they kept my best interests in mind. constantly. The quality and craftsmanship of the tile work has received many compliments.

Cesar & Teresa Chavez, April 21, 2009
T hey are almost finished. There is one small item left for them to do. We are very pleased with them. They were very efficient. They worked around the renters that were there. They coordinated things so that it wasn’t inconvenient for them at all. They were there when they said they would be. They were just very reliable, and they did good work. The price was probably average.

Larry Harris, March 31, 2011
A s a landlord for 20 years and a home owner, I have employed numerous contractors and completed many home projects. I have retained contractors for our rental property and home to design and install outdoor landscape, flooring, window covering, decks, and hardscape and have utilized plumbers, electricians and other technicians to complete repairs and maintain our property. Although the majority of contractors completed the various projects in a satisfactory manner, the dividing factor between average and exceptional was their work ethic and pride in their trade. Denise & Molly of Women In Construction displayed such a work ethic and more in remodeling the master bathroom in our rental property.

Women In Construction consulted on not only how to approach the project technically, but also shared their vast knowledge and expertise in creating an aesthetic piece of work. Denise and Molly were involved in the construction process from the beginning. They met us at the various design centers to assist in selecting the flooring, tile, plumbing fixtures, bathtub and vanity cabinets. They provided a schedule for the duration of the project and finished on time. Their communication skills were outstanding as they provided regular and informative updates. When unanticipated issues arose they took the initiative to provide a solution and at every point were extremely accommodating. Their attention to detail and pride in their work was a reflection of their professionalism. They were also sensitive to the needs of our tenants, cleaned the work area at the end of every day and respected their privacy.
Women In Construction’s primary concern was to deliver a quality finished product and to that end they succeeded admirably. I was extremely satisfied with Denise an Molly’s work and the finished look of the bathroom, as were our tenants. I would use them for future remodeling projects and recommend them highly to everyone else.”
Bob & Marianne
Remodel master bathroom to include replacement of shower pan and shower stall, installation of tile in shower & flooring, bath tub replacement, plumbing fixtures and installation of vanity cabinets.

Robert Gonzales, April 25, 2012