To be a confidential partner for my client, facilitating a deeper realization of the client’s dreams, a discovery of the steps needed to bring intentional action and to encourage the clients follow through so that the client acknowledges and finds their greater purpose and outcome.


My desire is to help clients discover their strengths and possibilities. I work to assist them in their search for intentional choices so that they can find a greater purpose and outcome for their career, business and personal life. I do not tell clients what they should or should not do. I stand by them and support them in taking their intentional steps so that they can stop drifting and start charting a course for the future.

Welcome to Superior Life Coaching

The fact that you are search­ing for a life coach reveals you are tuned into what is pos­si­ble and are in search for a greater pur­pose and out­come for your life.  Whether your search is for your career, busi­ness or your per­son­al life, the fact remains that you took an inten­tion­al step to search for a life coach. Con­grat­u­la­tions!

It can be easy to drift through some life events. And for some events, drift­ing may not have turned out too bad.  How­ev­er, at  times each of us has a need for a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive.  Because of this many peo­ple make an inten­tion­al choice to stop the drift­ing and start chart­ing a course, so that they can achieve a greater pur­pose and out­come in their career, busi­ness or per­son­al life.

Superior Life Coaching by Charlotte Vance Scholze

Many of my clients are suc­cess­ful in many areas of their lives, how­ev­er, they seek clar­i­ty and want truth­ful for­ward move­ment so that they can achieve a greater pur­pose and out­come in life. I serve a vari­ety of peo­ple. I often work with exec­u­tives, man­agers, entre­pre­neurs and busi­ness own­ers.  My ide­al clients val­ue per­son­al integri­ty and seek action-ori­ent­ed steps toward achieve­ment.

Supe­ri­or Life Coach­ing is not ther­a­py. Nor will you be told what you should or should not do. As a life coach, I enable clients  to deter­mine their own answers. Togeth­er we will devel­op a con­fi­den­tial part­ner­ships where I stand with you in your jour­ney to find your greater pur­pose.

My time under the tute­lage of Char­lotte was very impact­ful to me. Her wis­dom in busi­ness, human rela­tions, and strate­gic think­ing was pro­found to me when I first entered into a lead­er­ship role. She taught me how to approach the ups and downs of busi­ness lead­er­ship. In addi­tion, Char­lotte paint­ed a clear pic­ture for me of how to bal­ance work aspi­ra­tions with down-home fam­ily val­ues and devot­ed time to my loved ones.”

~Jason Butz (Lands End Inc/Nokternal Hem­izp­hear Web­shop, Record Label & Graph­ic Design)