What Is Life Coaching?

You are not alone in feeling lost or confused in your search to find a greater purpose and outcome for your life. Working with a Life Coach is a discovery process of who you are, what you value, and to explore what is fulfilling to you.

As a Life Coach, my focus is on my client’s agenda and achievements. My confidential coach-to-client relationships are honest and open and are secure in integrity. There is a collaboration between the two of us that focuses on you and your agenda.

Life Coaching is an awakening process where you will deepen your learning and move forward. A few of the tools that we use are:

  • powerful questions
  • active listening
  • reflected clarity and field work
  • SMART goals

Congratulations for taking your first intentional step to stop the drifting and to start charting a course to find a greater purpose and outcome in your career, business or personal life.

Who hires a Life Coach?

There are many reasons why people have a Life Coach. Often times people who have a Life Coach are tired of drifting and desire to take intentional action in their search for a greater purpose and outcome for their life, to achieve their next goal, or to develop personal or professional skill sets.<br
Some additional reasons why others have hired a coach are:

  • So that they gain perspective of their career transition and work the necessary changes.
  • So that they have support toward establishing and reaching a specific goal.
  • So that they can become more focused on their Health and Wellness.
  • So that they can adjust and deepen relationships in their life.
  • So that they can rediscover confidence and passion in their career, business and personal life.